LAHORE-While declaring that government would accept Supreme Courts decision on appointment of judges, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira on Monday said that people should differentiate between administrative and judicial actions of the Chief Justice (CJP) of Pakistan. Addressing a seminar on Journalistic Values and Democracy at Alhamra Arts Council here organized by PPPs Punjab organization, the minister said that CJP made recommendations on appointment of two Lahore High judges in his capacity as administrative head of the judiciary, and government had the right to disagree with his point of view. In case of his (CJs) or Supreme Courts judicial decisions, he added, the government had no option but to accept and implement them. Kaira said that CJs recommendations on appointment of judges, which were set aside by the government citing the principle of seniority, related to his administrative actions. Further elaborating his point of view, the minister said that if for example, CJP wrote to the government that he needed Rs 01 billion to meet expenditures under various heads, the Government may disagree by telling him that on the basis of its weak financial position, it could release only Rs 500 million. He said that CJPs recommendations on judges issue should be seen in this perspective. He said no contempt of court proceedings could be initiated against the PM or the president for issuance of a notification regarding elevation of Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif as Supreme Court Judge and appointment of Justice Saqib Nisar as acting chief justice of Lahore High Court. He said government had never violated any decision of the apex court, nor would it do so in future. Talking about the suspension of the said notification by the apex court, Kaira said that government would plead its case before the SC bench hearing the case on February 18, but if the court did not agree with its point of view, the government would withdraw the notification. He also denied any confrontation between the executive and the judiciary, saying that Supreme Court will have the final say in judges appointment case. Besides the Information minister, the seminar was addressed by central PPP leader Chuadhry Manzoor Ahmed, President PPP Punjab Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan, General Secretary Sami Ullah Khan, analyst Dr Mehdi Hassan and senior journalists including Salman Ghani, Mubashir Luqman, President Lahore Press Club Sarmad Bashir, Khalid Chaudhry and Zulfiqar Rahat. Deputy General Secretary PPP Punjab Usman Salim Malik, PPP MPA Azma Bokhari, Dr Fakhr ud Din Chaudhry and others were also present on the occasion. The information minister said a section of media had launched a targeted campaign against one person setting aside all norms of journalism. He said that if they wanted to do politics they should leave their media organization and face the PPP in political arena. Kaira lashed out at Leader of the Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan, saying that his attitude was totally against the reconciliatory politics initiated by the PPP. The Information minister said that he was the person who never accepted the PPP as a political reality and was unable to conceal his hatred for this party. He said Ch Nisar was even perturbed by hearing the news that Government was determined implement the Charter of Democracy in the near future. He said government had decided to go fast on implementation of CoD and the PML-N should now stand by its commitment to support the government in this regard. He said all those provisions of CoD which related to political and administrative decisions have been implemented and now those requiring legal cover would be made part of the constitutional package. He said that unlike the federal government, the Punjab government was far behind in implementation of the CoD. He said joining hands with rival political parties was a new experience in Pakistan but PPP took this step in all provinces even where it didnt need to do so. Kaira said that journalism and politics were interlinked and incomplete without each other. He said media made great sacrifices for democracy and had every right to criticize the government. He, however, said that if a media group had launched a targeted campaign against the PPP government and intended to have control over state resources, the government would not allow this to happen. Without naming any media group, the minister said it when it published the news about alleged ban on official advertisements on front page, the newspaper carried at least 11 official advertisements the same day on its inside pages. He said that when the government reminded that group to pay its unpaid taxes, it termed it an attack on media.