ISLAMABAD - Due to export of gur to neighbouring countries especially Afghanistan, Government has suffered a loss of around $80 million during the last few months, as the country faced a shortfall of 1m tonnes of sugar due to the export of the commodity and this shortage was fulfilled by importing raw sugar, TheNation has reliably learnt. According to sources, the export of gur to Afghanistan is going on and causing shortfall of raw sugar in the country. The country has spent around $80m in the import of sugar during the last few months. When contacted Chairman Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA), Iskandar Khan, told TheNation, It is true that Government is facing loss due to export of gur to other countries, especially to Afghanistan, and this is also one of the reasons which are creating sugar shortfall in the country. If the export of gur was banned, we had not only saved million of rupees but also got extra quantity of sugar, which might dip its prices. He said many times PSMA had demanded of the Govt to impose ban on the export of gur, but Govt was reluctant to take this decision. He said government officials promised during a hearing on sugar case in the Supreme Court to impose ban on export of gur but they did not honour their commitment. Later the Cabinet Division also approved it in the Sugar Policy. Due to export of gur, its price has surged to Rs 110 per kg in the country from Rs 25 per kg. It is feared that it would further go up in near future if the Govt did not impose ban on its export, he added. In Pakistan around 60pc people living in rural areas use gur instead of sugar, so its prices must be brought down, he demanded. On a question regarding Governments decision to take stern measures to stop the sugar smuggling at Khok-hrapar, Torkham and Chaman borders, he said it would be a futile practice as under the cover of gur export, hundreds of sugar bags were being smuggled.