ISLAMABAD Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday said that high proficiency thermal power projects of 1,700 megawatts would start functioning during the next two years at the cost of $1.5 billion. Other rental power projects would also start supplying 1,200 megawatts of electricity by June this year, mitigating the current loadshedding, the Minister informed the National Assembly during question-hour session. Incumbent Government is paying two rental power plants Rs 600 million per month. He said the Government was alive to violation of Indus Water Treaty by India and was resorting to all available options including arbitration. He said, We also have started several water projects including Neelum-Jhelum to defend water rights. He said that construction work of Diamir-Bhasha Dam would start by the end of this year. The biggest power and water project in the country will be complete in 8 years, he said, adding that this would generate 4,500 megawatts of electricity. The Government has made a short, medium and long-term strategy to control the crisis of water and power. As per the strategy, small and medium dams in four provinces and FATA will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, twelve dams are being constructed which will be completed by 2013 and the second phase will be initiated this year and will be completed in 2014. He further said that work on two blocks of 1,000MW from Thar coal had been started. He said that there was no ban on provinces regarding starting of electricity generation projects. He said that about 17,000 acres land would be given to poor female farmers near the new constructing dams. He said that assemblies of three provinces had passed resolutions against the construction of Kalabagh Dam and Federation could not start any project against the units. The National Assembly was informed that armed lashkars formed in Khyber, Bajaur, Mohmand and Orakzai Agencies as well as in Frontier Region were enjoying full support of Government. The Government is providing full monetary, material and moral support to these Lashkars and now the militants are on the run, told Minister for States and Frontier Regions Najmuddin Khan in a written reply to National Assembly in question hour session. Quami Lashkars have been formed in different agencies and Frontier Region (FRs) Peshawar and Bannu, he said responding a question about the steps taken for the security of residents of FATA. He said that ultimate aim of all these actions was to restore the writ of Government so that the tribesmen could lead normal life. Earlier, Najmuddin said FATA Secretariat had informed that numerous steps had been taken for the security and protection of tribal residents. Political Administration held parleys with the miscreants and tried to bring them into the mainstream. However, after the failure of these tactics, full-fledged operations of law enforcement agencies had been launched from time to time in Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, Orakzai and South Waziristan Agencies. Hundred of miscreants have been killed, injured and arrested by the security forces in these agencies, he said. Hideouts of miscreants have been demolished and even now operations are going on in South Waziristan and Bajaur Agencies. On the other side, he said, Government is restructuring Levies Force in FATA, adding 15,000 posts of Levies personnel had been announced by the Prime Minister and political administration had been instructed for recruitment. They will be provided latest weapons, vehicles, equipment and proper training, he added.