ISLAMABAD (Online) - Former Chief Minister Punjab Ch Pervaiz Elahi has pointed out that the PML-N is double-crossing the PPP and is also not committed to the Charter of Democracy. Talking to journalists here on Monday, Pervaiz said that in politics, doors for talks could never be closed, adding that when expectations of the masses are not fulfilled, they give their verdict in polls. He also emphasized that assassination attempt on Sh Rasheed Ahmed was being treated as a joke. Like-Minded group of the PML-Q would be welcomed in the party, if it came back, he added. The former Chief Minister Punjab further disclosed that the Punjab government had shelved all the development projects which sere launched by his government in the best interest of the masses. He also said that his government had made it clear to the American leadership that if the US gave preference to its relations with India over Pakistan, Washington could lose Pakistans trust, adding that Pakistan was the sole country in the world that had suffered a lot in the war against terrorism. Responding to a query, he said that it was the PML-N that had gained benefits from the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto.