ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Monday staged a walkout from National Assembly and marched up to the Constitution Avenue to express solidarity with the lawyers fraternity and judiciary, and vowed not to let the wishes and whims of a 'single person' prevail upon the aspirations of the 170 million masses. Soon after the culmination of Prime Ministers address in the National Assembly, PML-N MPs led by Leader of Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan, staged a walkout and in the wet weather marched to Constitution Avenue. Talking to media persons there, PML-N senior leaders Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi and Khawaja Saad Rafique said that lawyers community, civil society and 170 million masses were standing behind the judiciary and would not let the rulers intimidate it. Javaid Hashmi regretted that the elected President Asif Ali Zardari was behaving and acting like a dictator trying to impose his personal wishes and whims on the whole nation. He said that they would not let this 'one man show prevail in the country and for the supremacy of Parliament and strengthening of all the state organs including judiciary they could go to any extent. He warned the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party to refrain from indulging in activities aimed to dismantle the apex judiciary and said that his party could go to any extent to uphold the sanctity of the state institutions and supremacy of Parliament and Constitution. He grilled Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for taking the credit of restoring judges through an executive order and that they (judges) would still be requiring ratification from the Parliament to be on their seats. He said that it was the lawyers movement and struggle of the people of Pakistan which had forced the rulers on the knees on the judges restoration. He also refuted the notion that they (judges) would be requiring some sort of ratification from the Parliament. He advised Premier Gilani not to trigger another controversy, as it would push the things towards total chaos and perform his role remaining within the ambit of the constitution. Kh Saad Rafique said that all the leads of conspiracies were going to Presidency and a group of un-elected cronies of President was making him take the wrong decisions. He asked him (the president) to correct himself before it would become too late. He also asked Premier Gilani to change his attitude towards apex judiciary and should take back his words, which he had uttered at the floor of the house that the judges who were restored through an executive order required ratification from the Parliament. He further said that the masses of this country were standing behind the superior judiciary and would frustrate any attempt to subjugate it from any quarter. He further said that they (PML-N) would go to any extent to counter civil monarchy being established by the person sitting in the Presidency and said that after a thoughtful and detailed discussions his party had decided that they would not let anyone play with the fate of institutions, subvert Constitution and undermine the supremacy of the apex judiciary.