ISLAMABAD - The solo exhibition of Kamal Hyat's 25 paintings and line drawings depicting varying moods and emotions of human life as well as lack of contact in their relationship is opening at Nomad Art Gallery today (Tuesday). This is the 4th solo exhibition of Kamal Hyat; first one was held at World Bank office Islamabad, second at Nomad Gallery and the third one was exhibited at Chawkandi Art Gallery Karachi. The artist has done most of his work using acrylic on paper, canvas, board and mixed media. He has explained the prevailing political pandemonium, the deteriorating law and order situation in the country and busy life of people in a very different manner through a lot of windows and showing human faces in some of them. The artist has drawn lines between the windows showing some kind of disconnection one from another. He wants to depict that the busy life as well as a situation of chaos in the country has drawn the separation lines between the countrymen. Secondly, the empty windows are depicting that people are not finding a proper direction but the green trees in the painting show a ray of hope with the feelings of optimism. Kamal perhaps wants to depict that there is some kind of disengagement between the peoples life due to their corporate life as there is no more eye contact between them but the peace birds in his paintings give some kind of hope that the situation will become better soon. His most recent painting about a father and mother walking along with their little baby in a mood of bleakness shows some kind of a sense of disappointment with lack of some proper direction, which could lead them towards success. Kamals wonderful painting depicting a mother holding many peace birds in the clutches of her arms conveyed the meanings of equality without gender based discrimination and peace for her siblings and the capability of a mother to protect her children. Kamal in his message says, Since time immemorial man has expressed himself in order to communicate, I see my work as a continuity of the same journey now made more difficult in a world where integrity of expression has been sacrificed at the alter of markets and consumerism. Nageen Hayat, the curator of the gallery says that Kamals recent body of work as a rich variety of the artists personal viewpoint and concept to be viewed with particular emphasis in the light of the urge to experiment and innovate. The exhibition will continue till 25th of this month.