Apropos PPPs stance in IRSA on the Chashma Link Canal for irrigation in South Punjab, the PPP seems unmindful of the large vote bank it is supposed to have in South Punjab. By directing the nominee of the federal government to vote with Sindh on this issue in IRSA, it is denying Punjab the use of much-needed water for irrigation, even though, Punjab has the right to use its allocated share as per requirement in accordance with the Water Accord. Chashma Link Canal was built as per Indus Basin Water Treaty, for irrigating crops and was not meant to serve for gaming and recreation. While the PPP and MQM have been shedding a lot of crocodile tears for South Punjab, they are not averse to starving its peoplefor that is what it amounts to when you deny them their share of water for agriculture and irrigation. Major political parties that claim a right to rule the federation through democratic process must also develop the vision to accommodate the legitimate genuine rights of all federating units. They should leave it to their provincial party heads to play the parochial tunes. May I remind Sindh also that even during Musharrafs dictatorial rule, Punjab it was that had voluntarily given up a large part of its water share when there was drought in Sindh. Are we to assume now that Musharraf forced his nominee in Punjab to do so? In the present case, the water demand of South Punjab falls within the agreed allocated share and Sindhs opposition to this seemed needless. At the end of the day, the representatives of Punjab, Balochistan and NWFP voted together in IRSA to accede to the legitimate demand of South Punjab even though Sindh and centre nominees voted against it. While on this issue, the legitimate water requirements of Azad Kashmir must also be met because Mangala reservoir is located in their area of jurisdiction and it was their land which was used for construction of Mangla. I hope all the federating units of Pakistan would develop a culture of accommodating each other. -SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN, Multan, February 15