KARACHI - Central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N Siddiqul Farooq has said that president Asif Ali Zardari while following the constitution should withdraw his decision about appointing the judges. He was addressing a Press conference along with other party leaders at Karachi Press Club on Monday. Siddiqul Farooq said, If president Zardari wants to get his name written with golden words in the history, he must withdraw his orders pertaining to appointment of Judges in High as well as apex court. He said that PML-N didnt believe in playing the cards in politics. We are in favour of restoring the charter of democracy in which the repeal of 17th Amendment is written but President Zardari has failed to take any measurement in this regard, he added. He deplored that all the wrong doings from April 1998 till now were continued and the cleverness was not the key to run the country, adding that better sense would prevail soon. He alleged that Asif Zardari was responsible for the collision with judiciary and the other crises confronting by the country, adding that he should take back the decision for the consolidation of democratic culture in the country, leading to actual progress and prosperity. While discussing the Chash-ma Jehlum Canal issue, he said that not a single drop of water would be taken from the part of Sindh, saying that the conspirers were misleading the people of Sindh by terming it the water theft. The reality is that Punjab has given sacrifice for providing more water to Sindh from its part, he said. I love Sindh more than Punjab because the Sindhis are more loyal Muslims and Pakistani than me he added. He lashed out that there were no civil work had been started but the hatching conspiracies could be seen easily adding that the water will not be used for irrigation but for the electricity around 600 Mega Watt. He said that the Punjab province had spent 11 billion for the other provinces as big brother but no respect had been given, saying that all the provinces were equal and they must be provided on the equality basis. Rana Muhammad Ahsan, Malik Muhammad Riaz, Haji Chund Zeb Khan, Asmat Anwar Mehsood also attended the conference.