ISLAMABAD - Teachers of various schools and colleges working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have demanded an inquiry into the appointments made during 2009 against various posts and accused officials of the Education Ministry of taking bribe in appointments and ignoring eligible candidates. They also demanded suspension of Deputy Director at FDE, Sohail Mughal, who, according to them, was responsible for all the illegalities during recruitment process. The teachers have also raised the issue at the platform of Federal Government Teachers Association demanding an inquiry and to declare appointments invalid. They alleged that 220 LCDs or junior clerks have been appointed against 60 posts likewise, 350 extra persons were appointed whereas posts were not vacant. Due to unnecessary appointments by FDE it would not be possible to create posts for many years. General Secretary of the Association, Ali Sher Rind, informed TheNation that taking heavy bribes, people were appointed on various post in schools and colleges working under FDE but posts were not created according to rules and approved by the Establishment Division and Ministry of Finance. Thus Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) refused to release the salaries for such employees raising various objections on the non-completion of records, which caused severe economic problems for the employees. Thousands of teachers of different subjects including Science, English, Computer, Fashion Designing and non-teaching staff appointed without following the rules on contract basis and without proper creation of posts by the directorate have also not received their salaries. The representatives of teachers have also alleged that employees who were reinstated under presidential ordinance were not the genuine candidates and many people were employed in various schools and colleges who were not sacked during Nawaz Government in 90s. The directorate created posts for the sacked employees but along with them recruited new people. It has been learnt that the FDE, DG, Dr Shehnaz A Riaz, has already asked the deputy director and another official to report to the ministry and they have been relieved from their duties at the directorate. Computerisation of revenue record in doldrums The Capital Administrations project to computerize the record of revenue department has not been completed after passing of two years while administration held a private firm responsible for this delay. According to details, during 2008 Ministry of Science and Technology suggested Federal Government to computerize record of forty-five patwarkhanas of the Capital. Ministry of Information Technology has given this project to a private firm and asked to complete it within two years. Initially, as a pilot project of Capital Administration provided record of ten villages to the firm however, two years passed but the record has not been computerized yet. Sources told that Capital Administration has told the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Science and technology that the pace work of the firm was too slow.