LAHORE The Punjab Cup Polo, one of the oldest polo cups being played for in the world, will saddle into action from today (Tuesday). The cup was first played in 1886 in which team of 12 Bengal Lancers won the trophy with a team of Lt AJR Hutchinson, Jam Sarfaraz Ali Khan, Dafedar Hira Singh and Dafedar Fateh Khan. With Raziq International being attached with the game as sponsor, the Punjab Cup, is also the oldest at the Lahore Polo Club and will see seven teams participating in this tournament. These teams consist of three local players and one foreign player in each team. These foreign players are from Argentine and the highest handicap is eight-plus and the lowest five-plus. These teams are divided into two pools, one pool has three teams and the other has four. The winners out of these will play final on Sunday (February 21). The teams: POOL A: Al Khan/Tip Moor - UK: Dr. Iftikhar Ali Khan Simba, Ahmed Zubair, Ahmed Ali Tiwana, Tomas Pieres, Res:- Hashim Kamal Agha (1) Guard Rice/Newage (Black): Adnan Jalil Azam, Taimur Ali Malik, Shah Shamyl Alam, Lucas Di Paola. Desi Boyzz: Bilal Haye, Taimur Mawaz Khan, Raja Arsalan Najeeb, Shah Qubilai Alam, Capital Strategic Group - Army: Maj. Omar Minhas, Capt. Shaukat Ali Malik, Vierree Antinori, Maj. Gen. Isfandiyar Ali Khan Pataudi, Khurshid Ahmed (reserve). POOL B: Askari General Insurance: Naveed M Sheikh, Atif Yar Tiwana, Fernando Quinto Bourdieu, Saqib Khan Khakwani, Res:- Waseem Sial (0). Zong/Diamond Paints: Shiraz Qureshi, Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Raja Samiullah, Ignacio Tocallino. HSBC Bank: Sufi Muhammad Amir, Hissam Ali Hyder, Gaston Moore, Sufi Muhammad Haris. Matches: 16th Feb 2010 (Tuesday) HSBC Bank Vs Askari General Insurance 17th Feb 10 (Wednesday) Zong/Diamond Paints Vs Askari General Insurance 19th Feb 10 (Friday) HSBC Bank Vs Zong/Diamond Paints Subsidiary Matches:- Loser of 1 & 2 Vs Loser of 3 & 4 on 19 Feb 2010 at 1.30 Pm. Subsidiary Final Winner of 'a Vs 2nd of Pool 'B at 2.00 Pm on 21 February 2010. Main Final Winner of Pool 'A Vs Winner of 'B at 3.30 Pm on 21 February 2010. Umpires 16 Feb 2010 Lucas Di Paola & Tomas Pieres 17 Feb 2010 Gastron Moore & Hissam Ali Hyder. Tomas Pieres & Lucas Di Paola Shah Shamyl Alam & Vierree Antinori