LAHORE Monday could have been a day of commotion and clamour at the Punjab Assembly, but the PPP and the PML-N devised a better way of diffusing a tense situation through their respective 'spokespersons, who vowed to make earnest efforts for strengthening democracy and continuation of the system, while they shunned differences 'temporarily caused by the judges elevations and appointments. As a routine is, when the leading men of the Punjab Assembly have issued a 'policy statement about any subject, then the rest are supposed to toe the line sans any reservations. The same happened at the Assembly again, since no member was there to raise a point or utter anything contentious when PPP Parliamentary Leader and Senior Minister Punjab Raja Riaz Ahmed and Minister Law Punjab Rana Sana Ullah Khan have dilated upon letting the system continue and not allowing any venturesome derail the democracy. This situation was further 'quietened by Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan and his Deputy Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, who did not let any MPA speak on a Point of Order, and in certain cases required an assurance in advance from the members that they would not talk about the judges issue, which virtually made them divert to other subjects. Consequently, the two major coalition partners avoided much-expected strife between them. After the proceedings of the session started three hours behind the scheduled time of 3pm and Tahir Hundalis objection to formation of committee regarding the choosing of the subject of the Naat, Raja Riaz Ahmed started speaking that the PPP never wanted that the institutions have head-on collision, and the Party would continue to adhere to politics of reconciliation for the sake of the people, democratic system and the country. The PPPs federal government will respect and accept the final verdict of the Supreme Court about the appointment of the judges, he added, while ruling out any possibility of the imposition of 'emergency in the country. Raja Riaz maintained that the Centre had taken the right decision as it was according to the Constitution. He called Nawaz Sharif as Zardaris older brother, while saying that some party workers could not control their sentiments, but President Zardari had directed them to remain calm and peaceful. In his loaded but very carefully crafted reply, Rana Sana, at a tacit note of welcoming Raja Riazs goodwill gesture and explicitly aligning himself with the Raja regarding Supreme Courts verdict, said the way Raja Riaz and President Asif Ali Zardari had the right, the same was true for Nawaz Sharif having the same right of speaking his mind out. As Mr. Zardari has the right to defend his decision, the same way it is prerogative of Nawaz Sharif, being chief of a major political party, to present his point of view in this regard. This is exactly the freedom of judiciary and victory of democracy, he said, while assuring the House that the N-League would strive for the supremacy of the constitution and strengthening of the present democratic system by taking on board all its coalition partners. The Law Minister also underlined the need for early implementation of the Charter of Democracy though implicitly referring to it besides repealing all unconstitutional steps taken by the dictator; thus doing away with the status quo. He also underlined the need for promoting politics of tolerance to strengthen democracy, which was achieved after long struggle and huge sacrifices by the political parties. He also mentioned that the PML-N leadership had asked its workers not to react improperly to the improper steps. Despite Speakers reluctance to give time on the subject to other members, a PML-N MPA forcefully, while vowing to represent his lawyer community, said it was a planned action. Later, Parliamentary Leader JUI-F Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi uttered improper words against Governor Punjab, which were expunged from the proceedings. He kept on smiling while giving the statement against Salmaan Taseer, which were vehemently rebutted by PPPs Riffat Sultana Dar. Her expression was also expunged. At that time, almost all the PPP MPAs were not on the Floor. At later stage, PPPs Minister Dr Tanveer-ul-Islam condemned Niazis statement though not as aggressively as Niazi had spoken, while the latter was continuously smiling, whose statement seemed to be more or less a popularity gimmick or part of his speech, which he might have delivered provided the PPP-PML (N) had stood divided. The Minister left the Floor immediately. Oppositions Samina Khalid Hayyat pointed out that discussion regarding Governors character was unconstitutional. At this, Rana Mashhood did not allow the issue linger on by saying that he had already expunged the statements.