ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed his resolve that the Pakistan Peoples Party would manage the current judicial crisis remaining within the ambit of the Constitution and directed the party workers not to lose their patience. Addressing the Central Executive Committee of the party here at Presidency, the President, who is also Co-Chairman of the PPP, said that they would not leave the path of reconciliatory politics and directed the party workers to stay away from messing up the overall political atmosphere in the country. On the occasion, the CEC members reposed full confidence in the leadership of Zardari and vowed to thwart the moves of undemocratic forces meant to harm the incumbent political dispensation. According to sources, some members used harsh words against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and from time to time the President corrected them and advising them not to go hostile against PML-N with whom they are running a coalition government in Punjab. The sources privy to the CEC meeting, held under the chair of the President, said that the overall atmosphere of the meeting was tense and hostile against the opposition but the senior leaders kept on advising them to stay cool and calm and let the things move towards its logical end. The sources further informed that Federal Minister for Law and Justice Dr. Babar Awan informed the CEC about the legal position of the case of judges restoration and it was the unanimous view of the CEC members to contest the legal battle in the apex court. The President directed the party workers and leaders to immediately stop bringing out rallies and processions in his favour especially in Punjab to avoid chances of clash. The party leadership once again reiterated that they would complete their constitutional term of five years in power. The party also discussed the Local Bodies elections in all the four provinces, which would be held on party basis and in this connection President Zardari directed the party leaders to formulate policy. The PPP CEC also expressed its resolve to undo all the controversies from the 1973 Constitution including Article 58(2)B and 17th Constitutional Amendment.