God created this world and in it He created human beings (both male and female) and gave them the title of Ashraful Makhlooqat (supreme of all the creatures). With such title, a great deal of respect has been given to both male and female human beings besides setting certain rights and duties. Allah Almighty has honoured a womanin the capacity ofa mother, a daughter, a sisterand a wife. But isnt it really worrying as well shameful that in this age womenfolk are being presented in the world as 'commodities only? In many films, songs and dramas of the world, a woman is treated and shown as a piece of beauty only and not more than that. In other words, the positive and pristine image of a woman has been distorted to a great extent throughout the world including Pakistan. The songs like Munni Badnam Hui and Sheela Ki Jawani truly reflect as to how dignity of a woman is being corrupted and how she is being presentedas a commodity. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi