Raymond Davis, the American gunman who is demanding immunity from prosecution and a virtual license to kill could be actually turned into an opportunity to ignite a major paradigm shift in our outdated foreign policy. I am not indicating contours of the proposed change for fear of backlash from the deeply entrenched pro-American lobby which may not find it possible to change its anachronistic mindset rooted in decades of subservience to Washington in the name of an imaginary specter of national security. There is no harm in being pro-American but it is fatally dangerous to be addicted to dictation from any foreign power. The current debate on Vienna Conventions is superfluous and counter-productive as it does not address the striking imbalance of power between Pakistan and the United States. The reality is that our foreign policy is out of sync with the spirit of the Constitution of 1973. My advice to the foreign policy establishment is to reconstruct a policy which is in conformity with the spirit of our age and constitution. Our Foreign Office apparently has nothing new to offer because it has been traditionally unable to draw a line between a democratic and an autocratic foreign policy. The democratic government must change course from one way traffic model to multiple choices in international relations. We need new ideas and indeed new friends in order to respond and rise to the new challenges. Time for an alternative foreign policy is now or never. B A Malik, Islamabad