Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said that those who sing peace songs with a neighbouring country should know that their honour and salvation lie in the Two-Nation Theory. He did not explain, though, why he did not take the same position with the elements in government who are eager to engage in a dialogue with India, even if those talks are not result-oriented by virtue of the exclusion of the core issue, that of Kashmir. Despite this, the Minister managed to express the sentiments of Pakistanis by his statement, made while talking to the press on Monday in Islamabad, and while commenting on the arrest of singer Rahat Fateh Ali in India for illegal possession of foreign exchange. He also said that those who propounded the Aman ki Asha had carried out Aman ki Nirasha. That the supporters of peace with India at any cost had been badly hit by the arrest, which showed why India was still inimically opposed to the very existence of Pakistan and to Pakistanis, has received its first acknowledgement from a cabinet member. Rahats arrest must not be under-estimated. It shows once again that the Indians delude Pakistani artistes and players by talk of peace and allegations of an artificial divide, use their services and then refuse to allow them to be paid, with the allegations being of foreign exchange regulations or of tax evasion. This is a pattern that is all too familiar, and which the unfortunate singer could have found out from the experience of previous visitors to India. Minister Awan was merely stating the result of historical research by saying that the Two-Nation Theory was what preserved the honour of those Pakistanis who went to its neighbour. The theory, on the basis of which Pakistan was created, said that the subcontinent was a land inhabited by two nations, with Hindus and Muslims forming separate nations. India tries to reject this theory, and its Hindu majority claims that there is only one nation, the Indian. Its stepmotherly treatment of the Muslim minority is itself proof of the correctness of the theory, which it applies alike to any Pakistanis or Bangladeshis that fall within its grip, or of the Indian Muslims who are perpetually in its grasp. Witness the recent statements by Swami Aseemanand The failure of the Hindu establishment in India to control either its aggression or anti-Muslim bias will not lead to the control of the region that India hankers after or that the west is doing its best to support because it has been taken in by Indian propaganda about being a democracy. Minister Awan has shown that all Pakistanis see through this artifice of the Hindus.