The crackdown on an Indian spy outfit, working close to the Sialkot border, by Pakistani authorities is a grim reminder of New Delhis deadly machinations on our soil. The task assigned to this gang was to recruit locals and then send them either to the Indian mainland or to Held Kashmir in the garb of militants to provide an excuse to New Delhi for accusing Islamabad of sponsoring militancy. Apart from laying bare RAWs tentacles in Pakistan, it brings to the fore Indias tactics designed to prevent talks on the Kashmir dispute in order to resolve it. Such is the sort of sordid game that New Delhi plays to show to the international community that Pakistan is involved in spreading unrest in India. The assumption in the Indian official circles seems to be that by badmouthing Pakistan before the world as a source of trouble in the Kashmir Valley, the Indians would be able to present its occupation as legitimate. It is little wonder, therefore, that a just resolution of the issue has eluded us and rounds of friction between the two nuclear armed neighbours are quite frequent. There are no two opinions on the fact that New Delhis game constitutes a serious threat to peace and stability in the neighbourhood. Tactics like fomenting trouble and unrest on Pakistans soil and trying to vilify Islamabad as a source of militancy would only prove counter-productive. India would have to reconcile itself with the prospect that it would have to give up its tyrannical grip on Kashmir and find a solution that is in accordance with the wishes of the people. RAW is not doing anything commendable because its cloak-and-dagger operations across the border, complicate the Indo-Pak equation. It must rather see the nuclear clouds hanging over the South Asian region and settle the Kashmir dispute in line with UNSC resolutions as early as possible.