So the expected is happening in Raymond Davis case. A hardened American criminal, a murderer, is being provided in a Pakistani jail, such facilities as if he was a king. That clearly shows the future intentions of our federal government, to free and whisk away this murderer at the first opportunity. The government has completely kneeled down under US pressure, simply to save himself. However, this puppet show could not have been possible without the consent of the Punjab government under whom comes the portfolios of Law and Jails. The Punjab government should remember that by consenting to this nefarious act, they are not doing any service to the nation or even to themselves. And finally the cat has come out of the bag. TV channels are reporting today that Fauzia Wahab, Information Secretary of PPP has categorically stated that Raymond Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity and cannot be arrested. Before this, the former foreign minister has already been dropped from the new cabinet because he had stated that Davis Raymond did not have immunity. Dr Zaheer Asghar Khan, Lahore