Oxford Dictionary defines the noun as 'the action of defending from or resisting attack'. Not long ago on Defence Day, Gillani said that "our Defence is impregnable". Its ironic, how at the same time Wikileaks exposed the compliance of the rulers in tearing apart the defence of the country. It has been already exposed that these rulers not only allowed drones, but asked for more drone attacks secretly, while openly begging for the technology with assurances of using them for the very purpose. These rulers have deliberately harmed the security of the country by allowing notorious firms like Blackwater to freely operate and given countless visas to the likes of Raymond Davis.

The economic system has also been made defenceless, by continuing the policies of subservience to the IMF. Rampant gas and electricity loadshedding, high tariffs, oppressive taxes, have all destroyed the economy of Pakistan. On the front of Kashmir too, no gains have been made over the past many years, and our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir continue to remain defenceless. Moreover, areas in Karachi have been turned into killing fields, and the only defence our rulers have to offer is reconciliation between the major political parties. In such turbulent times, it is imperative to realise, that defence cannot be built by relying on foreign aid. Defence cannot be achieved by allowing our bases to be operated by countries engaged in hostile activity against our Muslim neighbours in Afghanistan. And certainly defence cannot be achieved by calling for unity along provincial or ethnic lines. Real defence can be achieved by establishing a system based on our ideological root, i.e. Caliphate. A Caliphate will unify the citizens on basis of their ideology, and cut the tentacles of the imperialists that try to weaken our defences. It will build economic defence, by implementing the Islamic economic system which is free from turbulence of interests, hedge funds, stocks and FIAT currency. On the cultural front, the Caliphate will practically present a society based on exemplary ethics and morality, and present it as a model to European countries like UK, where society is falling apart. The Caliphate's defence will be built on principles which enabled Bedouin desert tribes, to become a super state spanning over three continents.

Pakistan has all the ingredients to make it a competitive player in international politics. It has vast mineral resources, human capital, strategic terrain, agricultural land, and 7th largest army. All these ingredients can combine - stronger and faster - than concrete, if those in authority decide today to construct real defence by establishment of a Caliphate.


Lahore, February 9.