A suicide bomber attacked members of the Qaumi Lashkar, killing three volunteers and injuring seven others in Upper Dir area, officials said on Thursday.

Security officials said the incident took place in a market near Shalimar mosque in Upper Dir tribal area where a suicide bomber detonated himself near a convoy of Qaumi Lashkar, a government-led tribal militia fighting Taliban militants in their strongholds. Rescue teams arrived at the scene and shifted those dead and injured to nearby hospital, fearing that the death toll may rise. Security forces also rushed to the spot soon after blast occurred and cordon off the area to start search operation. No militant group claimed responsibility of Thursday’s attack. The government blames Taliban militants for such attacks. The militants routinely target security forces and the pro-government elders in their anti-government campaign. Hundreds of pro-government elders have been killed in attacks since Pakistan joined the U.S-led coalition in 2001.