India has been unable to destroy the Hindutva terror groups from its soil despite obtaining concrete evidence of their involvement in various terror attacks in India. Saffron terrorism is on the rise in India that also threatens what little peace that the Pakistanis are left with. The capture of Kamal Chauhan, a key suspect in the Samjhauta express blast provides some hope that things might move towards a logical conclusion. The horrid episode of Samjhauta Express blast where sixty eight innocent Pakistani travellers lost their lives just due to the fact “that it was basically Pakistanis who travel on the Samjhauta Express train that runs between India and Pakistan” that compelled them to commit such a heinous crime, exhibits the desire of the hardcore Hindu extremists to crush and destroy all that symbolizes Pakistan. This exposes the gravity of threat that emanates from our eastern borders that is predominantly Pakistan centric as the main target of these Hindutva terrorists is Pakistan. Coupled with the Pakistan centric Indian security policy, that is, the cold start, provides all the more reason to Pakistan to maintain its vigil on the eastern border. The fact that India is deeply infested with a colossal homegrown insurgency in the form of religious terror groups who enjoy popular support among Indian masses provides reason for the Indian authorities to enhance their security machinery that has been found at a loss to intercept and prevent attacks of such high magnitude. Yet the Indian state seems to be paralyzed into inaction, thus finding it easy to blame a few well known names inside Pakistan and rid themselves of the burden. The responsibility of apprehending the perpetrators of the Samjhauta blast however is something that the Pakistanis are expecting from the Indian side in order to maintain better relations in the future.

Hindu terrorism must be taken seriously by the Indian government. There is also a need to highlight the issue globally and that India should play a role in curbing terror in its territory. Any future incident should now be viewed through the prism of “Hindutva Terrorism” which is far more fatal and detrimental to the peace in South Asian.


Peshawar, February14.