In an unfortunate attempt some unknown culprits have targeted the Nawabzada Bakhtiar Khan Domki’s wife. She was Akbar Bugti’s granddaughter. She has been killed along with her daughter. It spreads new wave of sadness and sorrow in the country as the deceased was a housewife and living happy life with her husband and the family. All this happened amid the ongoing wave of target killing in Karachi and Quetta. This was sad incident and again some of the segments are linking the same to agencies. One is amazed what mileage our agencies can get by killing the innocent mother and a daughter. This incident has been condemned all over the country. This could have been done by the segments operating against the state of the Pakistan in order to create uncertainty among the masses and specifically worsen the Balochistan dilemma. Such incidents could be a reason of personal and family enmity. However till the time findings are not made public, perceptions should be avoided as the country is already going through turmoil and Balochistan crisis has gone out of control because of the lack of interest of the political leadership.

The provincial ruling leadership is always heard roaming about in Islamabad instead giving time to Quetta and finding some solution of the issue. The parliamentarians have rightly indicated that since CIA and RAW have come to Afghanistan the Balochistan the situation has aggravated. Provincial political leadership is least pushed on the worsening situation of Balochistan. According to a newspaper the parliamentarians have demanded for a commission on Balochistan issue. They have also condemned that the already established commission under Khursheed Shah hasn't submitted any of the report. If this is the level of concern at the part of ministers of the ruling party how can anyone expect any good for Balochistan issue? The nation needs to be alert of the anti Pakistan elements who can take benefit out of such incidents like the killing of Bugti’s granddaughter.


Peshawer, February 9.