BAHAWALNAGAR – As the outlaws went unbridled and the Saddar police remained fail to protect the life and property of the local people, protesters ran amok and attacked a police vehicle here.

Robbers-hit mob attacked the vehicle and broke its windscreens while the cops had to take help from a landlord to protect themselves in his house, returned to the station and removed the damaged vehicle from there.

The police circle has been in the strong clutches of robbers as perhaps the outlaws have been given a free hand to commit robberies especially in Mari Mian Sahib, Bonga Ehsan and Chaweka. The police have confirmed 10 incidents of robbery but the police have registered only one case which was the outcome of people’s strong protest.

According to a report, the villagers have constituted a team to guard the village and to keep a vigilant eye on the outlaws. The team is being supervised by Farooq and Yasin. They collect Rs100 each from all the residents of the village house to render their services. An alleged proclaimed offender, one Mazhar’s brother Imtiaz, asked  Yasin to remove their party from the village. But Yasin refused to do so, Imtiaz  got infuriated and opened fire on Yasin and left him injured. On getting information, Saddar police rushed to the spot and rounded up the attacker in the meantime people of the village gathered there and asked the police to hand him over to them but the police refused. Resultantly, the people attacked the police vehicle.