LAHORE – Coordinator to President Zardari Naveed Chaudhary addressed TheNation Forum on Wednesday and condemned the US Congress for discussing the Balochistan issue. “The National Assembly’s Resolution in this regard echoes Pakistan’s sentiments. The permission given to the Nato supplies are purely on humanitarian grounds,” he said.

The PPP leader said that the Gilani government that enjoyed support of all the allied parties would abide by all the orders passed by the Parliament, adding the government believed in esteem of the judiciary. He said that the PPP government that supported forbearance and perseverance on all the occasions would like to remain in the history instead of newspaper headlines.

Talking about the Balochistan Issue, Naveed said, his government was making sincere effort to resolve it as early as possible. The Balochistan Package and the Parliamentary Committee, he said, were steps taken in this regard. Considering it a custom, he criticized those who blame the US for all mishaps in the country.

He quoted from the speech made by Asif Ali Zardari at Garhi Khuda Buksh that said “We would have relations and trade with Turkmenistan, Russia, Iran and China”.

Talking about the power and gas crises, the PPP leader said that his government inherited them adding that all the past governments from1997 to 2008 were responsible for them. Chaudhry condemned the Indian aggression in the Valley. Applauding Asif Zardari for giving up his discretionary powers through 18th Amendment he said that the efforts made by the President of Pakistan for democracy had proved the supremacy of Parliamentary system on all the governing systems.

Commenting on the government stance for “not to write a letter in compliance with the apex court orders”, he said that it was true and legitimate decision.