The meandering Prime Minister had long stood convicted in the court of public opinion, guilty of crimes like incompetence and corruption. Now he has also earned the honour of being indicted in a court of law. But we know what will happen. The Prime Minister is instead wearing this stigma as a badge of honour. He has been heard talking about how he has chaired more cabinet meetings than late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto; has served longer than both Mr Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir; and will bring honour by being the Seraiki to sacrifice himself for the party instead of being one to sacrifice the party for his own personal motive (ala Farooq Leghari). Noble words indeed but the reality remains that he has been indicted for refusing to honour the verdict of the highest court of the land, and there is no honour in this. But a word here for the honourable court as well. Hopefully, it will also not shirk from passing similar indictments and convictions against erring generals – an opportunity that may soon be coming its way in the form of the Asghar Khan case.


Peshawar, February 9.