BAHAWALNAGAR - The robbers have been running amok in the precinct of Takhtmahal Police for the last 10 days.

As per details, scores of locals of Mari Mian Shaib, Bonga Ehsan and adjacent villages staged demo on Arifwala Road and blocked the traffic for more than two hours after setting the tyres ablaze.

The protesters said that the police have failed to cope with outlaws as the robbery incidents are increasing in the area. They said as the sun sets, the robbers stormed into the houses and not only looted the valuables but also rape the women at gun point. They alleged that Takhtmahal Police, SDPO Sadder Circle and DPO Bahawalnagar have been doing nothing as the police do not arrive on the spot even after being informed.

The victim families demanded the Chief Minister, IG and RPO to take the notice of increasing robbery incidents and the incompetent police officials should be taken to the task.