FAISALABAD – The line staff should ensure their safety to prevent accidents which not only causes loss to their families but also to the institution, said Fesco Manager Operation Second Circle Sheikh Akhtar Hussain here on Wednesday.

He was addressing a safety seminar held in Fesco Nazimbad Division office. He said that hundreds of workers lost their life every year and the main causes of these fatal accidents have been identified as minor negligence of the employees concerned. He further said that the Fesco had been spending millions of rupees on the purchase of safety equipments but these were not properly used. On the occasion, Deputy Manager Operation Nazimbad Division Khadim Hussain Lara and Zonal Chairman Hydro Electric Union Ch Abdul Ghaffar Gujjar also addressed the seminar.

They said that line staff must adhere to the safety rules and SOP issued by the authority. They urged the Fesco staff to promote safety culture in the company in order to minimise fatal accidents in the company. Deputy Manager Safety Ahmed Ali Shah also addressed the seminar and asked the line staff to give clear commitment not to work on live lines without following the proper safety measures.

Sub Divisional Officer Faizabad Sub Division Zibtatul Zia said that life was one of the precious gifts of Almighty Allah and one must protect it from any untoward accident. Thousands of the Fesco employees pertaining to different formations attended the seminar.