The province of Punjab may well be haunted by the spectre of Dengue fever once again a la previous year when many a death occurred due to this horrifying disease. The mosquito population will emerge in a fortnight or so bringing with itself terror and horror of Dengue infection. According to the doctors, there are 60 kinds of mosquitoes out of which only one species cause dengue fever. A patient who suffers from this fever and recovers can be affected by hemorrhagic fever if he is afflicted by dengue fever second time.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The said disease has infiltrated to as many as 100 countries. We should take cue from Thailand and Sri Lanka to confront the nuisance of mosquitoes. Instead of spraying insecticides profusely, small puddles of waters should be dumped with sand and the production of small aquarium fish should be encouraged in water ponds as these minnows will eat away mosquito larvae. Last year unscrupulous persons earned a whopping amount of money by selling the extract of papaya leaves to the dengue patients. The concept that papaya leaves can cure dengue is merely a myth and humbug. Let's start taking preventive measures forthwith to ward off yet another apocalypse of Dengue this year.


Wah Cantt, February 15.