ISLAMABAD  – Senior Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Shahnaz Wazir Ali on Friday said that all the political, religious and democratic parties believe in the dialogue for maintaining peace in the country.

She said that All Parties Conference (APC) called by Awami National Party (ANP) for controlling terrorism and establishing peace, also believed in the dialogue process.

She appreciated the ANP for taking initiatives to maintaining peace in the region. 

She said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) supported the ANP for steps taken to maintain peace through dialogue.

She said that PPP government was fighting war against terrorism with the support of the coalition partners.

Talking to Pakistan Television, she said “Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) absence from APC is regrettable.”

She said PTI perception is wrong that dialogue process could not bring results. She said “It is an irresponsible statement of PTI.”

Replying to a question, she said that the people can make the best judgement through votes in the next general elections.

Shahnaz Wazir Ali lauded the role of all the political party members who participated in the APC for dialogue purpose with the concerned elements.  

Replying to another question, she said that Taliban who never accepted the parliamentary system and constitutional ways, are now preparing for dialogue, which she added “a positive sign.”

Op against illegal roadside CNG kit points ordered

Meanwhile, to ensure public safety, the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration has decided to launch operation against roadside unauthorised CNG kit conversion workshops. 

Chief Commissioner Islamabad has directed ICT and police to take stern action against illegal CNG kit conversion workshops.

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Moreover, unregistered commercial vehicles would not be issued new route permits and fitness certificate.

In addition, if fitness certificate to such vehicles was issued in past, it would be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan has advised citizens to select registered equipment brands and conversion should be made from licence holder CNG conversion points.

All CNG filling station owners have also been instructed to ensure implementation of re-fuelling procedure according to Pakistan CNG Rules 1992.