LAHORE – A week after the reincarnation of Shahdrah-Kot Lakhpat shuttle service, the Railways announced on Friday that it will run another train on the same track offering free travel for a month.

On April 24, the Railways launched the shuttle service on the directives of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. On July 6, authorities ceased the service, saying the programme inflicted loss upon the Railways after it failed to attract commuters.

However, the federal government launched the shuttle service on February 9, a day before the inauguration of Metro Bus Service. The shuttle re-launch was dubbed as a PPP ploy to ‘counter’ the PML-N’s MBS.

On Friday, the Railways announced another train on the same 25km track offering one-month free travel. According to a Railways statement, the department took the step to provide travel facilities to the people of Lahore. According to sources in the department, the PPP move may leave the financially-stricken Railways in the lurch.