Much has been said and written about the noble cause of fundamental human rights. Throughout our national history, several movements have been undertaken by many remarkable individuals in this regard. However, no heed has been paid by our rulers as well as intelligentsia on the issue that Pakistan is not conducive for the materialization of the dreams and aspirations of its people. Now when the country is beleaguered by pathos such as inflation, joblessness, and energy crises, it seems it has become a land of the hopeless. Collective suicides, state indifference to killings, brain-drain of youth are making our people more morose.

Our leaders and politicians need to think about practical ways to redress this pessimism of a nation swinging between dreams and despair. With general elections approaching, the usual fervour revolves around traditional slogans of ‘bread, clothing and abode,’ along with solution to these basic issues; this nation seriously needs acknowledgement of its ‘dream-dilemma’ by its prospective leaders. We have no examples of people who have realized their dreams and gained fame and fortune by working hard or smart, we only have very corrupt people as examples of earning money. Can we set our country right and bring hope to our youth and general public.


Hyderabad, February 11.