MULTAN - Unidentified armed assailants shot dead a 14 year old boy and injured another just before the termination of a sit in staged by the Pakistan Seraiki Party (PSP) at Chowk Nawan Shehr on Friday. The PSP blamed the PML-N workers for the incident, claiming that the deceased boy was their worker while on the other hand the Leaguers said that their leader Zahid Adnan Guddu was targeted by the PSP workers. The body of the deceased, who was identified as Nasar Ullah, was moved to city morgue for autopsy. The Chehlyak Police said that the incident was being investigated. Meanwhile, addressing an emergency news conference, Taj Muhammad Khan Langah said that the occupants of Takht-e-Lahore (throne of Lahore) launched a new phase of oppression against Seraiki nation to impede their struggle for getting their identity but all oppressive tactics would fail and Seraiki province will be curved out on the country’s map very soon.

Mr Langah further said that the Seraiki nation had got awakened and it would foil all conspiracies against Seraiki Province. He demanded immediate arrest of those responsible for the firing on the participants of the sit-in. He warned that the PSP would launch a protest drive across the province, if the killers were not arrested forthwith.

On the other hand, talking to The Nation, PML-N MNA Sheikh Tariq Rasheed strongly condemned the incident and called for an immediate inquiry. He said that unknown elements wanted to disrupt the peace of Multan but the residents of the area would foil the vicious attempt through their unity. He said that Multan had always been a politically active but peaceful area and a Karachi-like firing incident was alarming.