TOBA TEK SINGH - The speakers urged the government to take notice of the bias and misconceptions in syllabus and curricula, as it is the chief reason behind radicalisation of the country’s youth and deterioration of education standard.

A seminar on ‘Biases in the Textbooks and Education Policy’ was organised under the aegis of National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) here the other day.  The seminar was attended by scores of teachers, students, political activists and social workers.

NCFPJ director Nisar Barkat, Sadqat Sardar, Prof Falaksher, Ms Ayla Gul, Shafiq Sharif, Simon Khurshid and Bonnie Mendes addressed the participants of the seminar.  The speakers underlined the need for serious reforms in the education sector in general and curriculum policy in particular. Bias and preferences based on religion and belief in the syllabus were also seen as divisive. Speakers also raised voice on the issue of vital importance. 

They said that the curriculum and education policy in the Punjab and generally whole of Pakistan disregards Article 22 of the Constitution “when it comes to hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim students attending schools in the province.”

They proposed that any material considered ‘inflammatory’ or ‘discriminatory’ to religious minorities be removed from the syllabus.