ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched an operation against the agro farms violating the rules of allotments and exceeding the permissible covered area. The operation is being carried out on the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.Under the direction of the Supreme Court action is being taken against 139 agro farms on violating the terms and rules of allotment and have been issued notices to explain why not their allotment been cancelled on violation of the allotment rules. In addition to this 44 agro farms have violated the rules in term of exceeding the permissible covered area. Chairmen CDA Syed Tahir Shahbaz formulated a special team under the supervision of Member Planning & Design Syed Mustafain Kazmi for caring out the operation against the agro farms violating the rules and exceeding the allowed covered area.The Committee comprises Deputy Director General Building Control, CDA, Special Magistrate, CDA and officials of Enforcement Directorate and Police. In the first step the committee has demolished the encroachments by agro farm no 26-A, Chak Shahzad (Poultry and Vegetable), agro farm no 20-B, Chak Shahzad (Poultry and Vegetable). The owners of the plot no 26-A, Chak Shahzad and 16-A, Murree Road have paid the fine of Rs. 2.5 million as a fine. Earlier, the special CDA team also sealed to two houses in sector F-11, which were under non-confirming use.Sealed houses include house no. 65, Street 73, Sector F-11/1 being use as Media Linkers office where as house no. 6, Main Double Road, Sector F-11/3 being was used as an office.It is pertinent to mention here that owners of the houses were issued notices to end the commercial use of the residential buildings. Supreme Court of Pakistan and Standing Committees of the Parliament has directed the Authority to carried out the operation against the non-confirming use of the residential use.The spokesman of the CDA said here on Friday that the lower ground floor of the House No. 06, Main Double Road, Sector F-11/3 was being used as an office whereas the upper portion was in residential use. CDA issued many notices to the owner, which were not complied with and the authority had to take action on non-confirming use of this house.