RAWALPINDI– Due to lack of government interest and shortage of funds, the Civil Defence Department (CDD) of the region is in pathetic condition as it is short of staff and lacks equipment which makes it enable to cope with emergency situations. Many posts in several tehsils including civil defence officer in CDD Rawalpindi have been lying vacant for few years. Moreover, except one tehsil rest of other tehsils of the region lack its own offices.

It has been learnt that the seats of district officer in BPS-17 including bomb disposal commander and instructor were vacant in Rawalpindi for some time while situation was the same in other tehsils of the region.

In CDD, staff from grade 1 to 10 was appointed by district officer, grade 11 to 15 was inducted by director general and grade 15 to 17 and above officers were appointed by home secretary.

The department faces problems during emergency situations as it had no communication system, the sources said.

The civil defence has to protect civilian population areas, airports, railway stations and other public places during emergency situations but the current situation of the department is such that it requires help for itself.