As Pakistan has been suffering from terrorism and discord despite a lot sacrifices for some decades, sectarian killings have now become a part of them. People of some religious sects are victim of sectarian killing throughout Pakistan. As Balochistan is the passage for Shiah pilgrims to their way to Iran therefore they are targeted ruthlessly. Similarly, approximately 19 Shiah pilgrims were killed in a car bomb attack in Mustang in December 2012. If we take a look at sectarian killing of Shiah pilgrims in Balochistan, we come to know that seven hundred Shiah and fourteen hundred people from different tribes have been targeted. According to a report, the Mustang area has become most insecure for the Shiah pilgrims

Following these attacks, the government decided to provide escort to buses carrying pilgrims but the attacks continued. Both provincial and federal governments are not taking any effective steps to provide security to these people and the deaths continue while the government is distracting the people with minor issues. Meanwhile the President occupies a bomb proof palace in Lahore. No doubt, anti-Pakistan elements are playing a vital role in such killing to destabilize Pakistan and occupy Balochistan for its natural resources. Some blame the agencies for the killings in Balochistan. I request the government to mitigate and show patriotism and try to eradicate such harmful elements otherwise they can prove treacherous for our country.


Islamabad, February 7.