ISLAMABAD  – Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira Friday said that the defection of a few Pakistan People's Party (PPP) parliamentarians to the PML-N was the violation of Charter of Democracy (CoD), which should be discouraged.

"Their defection was already declared, which is unfortunate. Mian Brothers are playing power politics and using force against protesting doctors and government servants," Kaira said while talking to a private television channel.

He said according to a CoD clause, it was agreed that both the parties would not trade each other's members. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had also breached the mandate of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), he added.

The minister said the media and the political parties should play their role in discouraging the trend of defection ahead of elections. Politicking is the negation of rules and doctrines as it will spoil the national politics, he added.

"The PML-N is confused and is using the state power and enjoying the backing of certain institutions," he added.

He said raising a political party and contesting elections was Imran Khan's right, but the PML-N considered it as a conspiracy.

He said the people of South Punjab were protesting their deprivation of basic rights, but the PML-N was doling out funds for Lahore's uplift. "Whenever the PPP raises voice for the rights of South Punjab people, the PML-N takes it as a conspiracy," Kaira said.

Replying to another question, the minister asked that how could the PPP stage-manage a protest in Islamabad against itself and rejected the notion that Dr Tahirul Qadri enjoyed PPP's backing.

Regarding Qadri's petition, Kaira said he was a Pakistan-born citizen and had the right to hold dual nationality.