KHYBER AGENCY - The epidemic of Leishmania has broken out in Landi Kotal, as hundreds of local tribesmen have reached hospitals, official and local sources informed on Friday.

Sources said that the disease has spread in Zekha Khel, Khuga Khel, Kam-shelman, Loy-Shelman, the far-flung areas of tehsil Landi Kotal. However the locals complain lack of facilities in hospitals.

Dr Fazle Raziq, incarhge of skin department in agency headquarter hospital, Landi Kotal said, the disease cause biting of a kind of mosquitoes, which is then turned into a constant wound and permanent sign of wound. He further said, one hundred fifty patients in January and forty patients in February have been recorded so far. All the data of one hundred and ninety patients has been already conveyed to the concerned department, he added.

Shakir, resident of Kam-Shelman who brought his eight years old daughter Leishmania patient, Sana said, the doctor prescribed eleven injections to get from private market for proper healing as the medicine is unavailable in the hospital for it. Beside poor economic resources, he has to buy it for better treatment of his daughter, he regretted.

When the Medical Superintendent (MS) of Landi Kotal hospital, Dr Nazir Wazir was contacted on the issue he said, the disease has its project and a director time to time visit the area to get inform but as the disease has grown rapidly he will urgently informed the concerned. The health directorate has appraised of the situation and the health directorate Fata has been asked for early provision of thermo therapy machine and injection. As soon as the medicine is available it will be freely supplied to the masses, he vowed.

Regarding precautionary measures Dr Fazle Raziq said, make sure anti-mosquitoes net, avoid accumulate water in streets and drains. Contact to the hospital in the earliest hours for free test in case of getting the disease, he suggested.

Meanwhile, former federal minister for science & technology and PTI central leader Azam Khan Swati has stated that “the country was being run by the most corrupt people.”

Talking to Thana Press Club members at the residence of PTI leader Junaid Akbar on Thursday, he said during last 5 years economy of the country was looted ruthlessly with both hands by the incumbent rulers. He said these ‘bunglers’ have pushed the country in to a bankrupt state on the cost of increasing their personal bank accounts and assets. The country is passing through a very critical stage. The poor people are dying from hunger while the richer are doing debauchery. Azam told that due to the wrong policies of present rulers foreign investors are hesitating to invest in Pakistan.