ISLAMABAD - PPP’s intention to withdraw the cases against the accused of Lyari operation has pushed its allied partner - MQM - into political isolation as Muttahida, adopting its old strategy of immediately parting ways with the government, has adopted the wait-and-see policy for the time being.

Albeit MQM has guessed the ultimate decision of ruling PPP to dispose of cases against the Lyari People’s Aman committee in near future yet they are currently facing the catch-22 situation either to quit as the PPP’s allied partner or confront the matter while remaining a coalition partner, MQM sources told TheNation here on Friday.

The issue of dropping these cases is inescapable for both the coalition partners - PPP and MQM - as any compromise is considered to be harmful for any of them as this could affect the upcoming elections, they said.

MQM has still not decided to quit the ruling coalition in the central government, the sources said, as saner voices in the party are advising to adopt a cautious approach, as already most of major political forces are not ready to join hands with them.

“MQM Rabita Committee is also expected to deliberate on this issue in detail very soon and the party is not going to compromise at any cost,” they said.

Despite the verbal assurances to the party, the sources said, MQM has decided to continue boycott of the Sindh Assembly session and same practice is expected in the upcoming National Assembly session starting from February 18. 

When contacted, MQM senior legislator Waseem Akhtar was adamant on its stance to not to compromise on the recent initiative of PPP. “How come they think to dispose of all cases...We will not compromise on it,” he said adding PPP should give its clear stance on this matter, as verbal assurance will not work.

It is relevant to mention here that the Pakistan Peoples Party on Thursday announced it would drop cases registered against the People’s Amn Committee, prompting a strong protest by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

During an in-camera briefing of the Sindh Assembly on the law and order situation in Karachi on Thursday, the IG Sindh announced that cases against Lyari Amn Committee leaders have been withdrawn, including those lodged during the Lyari operation. Following the announcement, MQM leaders, led by Dr Sagheer Ahmed, boycotted the session.

It would also not be out of place to mention the MQM has separated itself as a coalition partner near a dozen time in last five years.

Political pundits analyze that MQM is currently not in a position to take adverse steps like quitting the government as recently it could not be able to woo PML-N leadership for a future alliance as the latter has given a cold shoulder to them on their informal contacts.

As MQM using informal channel has conveyed a message for future alliance on ‘quid pro quo’ basis that they would support PML-N in Sindh and the same favor would expect in Punjab, but received unsatisfactory response.