KARACHI (FARAZ ISRAR) - Muttahida Qaumi Movement is likely to quit the Sindh coalition government on completion of five years in government with the Pakistan People’s Party, The Nation has learnt here.

Withdrawal of the cases registered against the banned Lyari Peoples Amn Committee dealt a serious blow to the PPP-MQM alliance. Resultantly MQM staged walk-out and boycotted the in-camera briefing.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that MQM leadership have decided to get out of the coalition with the PPP because of the failure in achieving significant importance in shaping the caretaker government.

Seeking to get noticed now is likely to quit the government on issue of withdrawal of cases against PAC, source said. He added that it is expected that MQM will leave the government and play part of opposition.

MQM have many cards to play whether the excuses like withdrawal of cases against the PAC or the Local Government Ordinance which was partially announced in the urban region of Sindh.

It is worth mentioning here that PPP has decided and ensured PAC leadership for withdrawal of cases couple of months ago but MQM did not bother to take notice at that time.

According the sources MQM-PPP leadership decided that MQM would also enjoy the caretaker setup and play a crucial role in shaping the caretaker government but opposition parties’ pressure on government in formation of the caretaker government minimised the MQM‘s role.

Speedily, the Co-ordination Committee of MQM London and Karachi called a meeting to review the issue and the decision was announced that MQM will battle the upcoming election on its own. It also stated that the PPP has closed the doors for any kind of electoral alliance with MQM in the upcoming election.

It was knowable that MQM-PPP will venture an electoral alliance in Sindh and seat adjustment might be done before the upcoming election. But Pakistan People’s Party has taken belated but clear step to safe its stake in Lyari. It was expected that PPP will announce a relief program to restore its political pose in the people of Lyari.

PPP have stake in the sub urban area of the city that was resulting harmonious electoral position of the Party. The long time demand of the political worker of PPP for the relief is worth mentioning here. This new development indicates that PPP take steps to secure its stake in the Lyari and not willing to lose the homepage seats of the metropolis in the upcoming election. This is not first, MQM threatening the government to break up the collation to accomplish their demands.

The flash back of five years specifies MQM was in screen, with the expressions “it is now very difficult to stand with PPP as they fail to fulfill the rational demands”.

On Thursday MQM‘s Dr Sagheer Ahmed said “We can no more sit in the house. Such decisions have compelled us to reconsider our decision to sit on the treasury benches”.

But this time it was stated when MQM came to know that the Sindh Law Ministry directed Public Prosecutor South to withdraw 34 cases lodged during the Lyari operation in which at least 40 people were gunned down and number of others were wounded.