RAWALPINDI - Mystery shrewd after the reported “police shoot-out” taken place at Deputy Feroz Lane, near Holy Family Hospital (HFH) that left two real brothers and one police official killed while another injured as serious contradictions were found in the statements of police high-ups about what they termed “police encounter”.

The police claimed that with the support of commandos of Elite Force a raid was carried out on a “triple-storey” building located at 10pm on Thursday in the light of intelligence reports that the family living in this building has provided shelter to some suspected terrorists. Seeing the police party, the family members opened firing on them killing Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Hassan Naheem and maiming a police constable Asad. In retaliation, two shelter providers (the real brothers) were killed who were identified as Malik Jamshed and Malik Sajjad.

Placing the two dead bodies in the middle of IJ Principal Road at New Katarain at a protest demonstration carried out by scores of their relatives and area residents against police atrocity, Malik Rehmat, father of the deceased, rebuffed the police claim saying “Police killed his two sons with out any reason as they were not involved in any crime.

City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokher and SP Rawal Town Chaudhry Muhammad Hanif are not on the same page as there statements carry contradictions. The SP claimed that an FIR was registered with PS News Town against the family members and the accused while a Naib Moherer denied the SP’s statement saying no case has been registered so far. The SHO did not respond to several calls made by this scribe.

City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokhar, while talking to TheNation on Friday, said that the police had taken the action on credible information that some suspected terrorists were taking refuge in the house at Deputy Ferooz Lane of New Katarian, area of Police Station (PS) New Town.

He said that the terrorists attacked the police raiding party with sophisticated weapons killing an ASI and a constable with bullet injury over his foot.

When asked as if the police arrested any suspect or the family member or recovered any explosive material from the “hideout” after the operation, the CPO said, “No explosive material was found by law enforcers. However, weapons were recovered”. He said, “It will be better if you ask the detail of the recovered weapons from SHO PS New Town”.     Replying a query, Azhar said that police would comb the suburbs of Pirwadhai such as Hazara Colony, Fauji Colony, Dhoke Kashmirian and Ratta Amral as number of people coming from other parts of the country residing there.

Contrary to what the CPO had concluded, SP Rawal Town Chaudhry Hanif said that the police have intelligence reports that a family residing in a “triple-storey” building at New Katarian has been sheltering the terrorists.

Taking action, the police surrounded the “hideout” of the terrorists with commandos of Elite Force at 10pm on which the family members including three women came into the street and started scuffling with police commandos. In the meanwhile, the resisters started firing on police party killing an ASI and injuring a police constable. Police in retaliation also killed two accused, SP added.

During questioning SP changed his statements several time as first he said all the terrorists and the family members including the father of two brothers run away then he asserted no woman was arrested as they also fled and police did not conduct search of the building. He said that no weapon was recovered during action.

When asked as to how it was possible that all had fled despite the presence of heavy contingent of police, the SP said, “As two police officials had lost their lives whereas the two men of opponents were killed. All was over.

The police remained busy in shifting the dead bodies and injured people to hospital”.

However, in the next moment, SP said “Yes police taken into custody the three women while the father of the deceased managed to escape”. He said an FIR under sections 302, 324, 353 and other sections with PS New Town. But a Naib Moherer Asim Zameer of PS New Town talking to this scribe said “So far no case has been filed”.

Talking to media men, Malik Rehmat, the father of ill-fated brothers, who was protesting near the dead bodies of his sons exposing the lie of the SP that the father of the deceased had fled, said the police have killed his sons without any reason. He said that his sons had no link with any organization or terrorist group. He said that he opened the main gate of his house upon a knock and found police cops standing outside. He said that the police without saying anything started beating him after which his son Jamshed came to his rescue but the police commandos fired at him killing him on the spot.

Hearing the firing noise, Sajjad appeared on the stairs leading to first floor of his two story house but he was also gunned down. Police also tortured Shamsher, the third son, he said adding, “Some police commandos shot dead ASI and injured a constable infront of my eyes”.

The charged protestors, by blocking road and burning tyres, chanted slogan against police and demanded justice. Police misbehaved with media men covering the protest.     

Scores of bullet marks were found on the walls of two story building that was also in dilapidated condition with a tin made main gate while the street was so narrow and closed on the other end, exposing the other lie of SP that the building was triple story and that terrorists escaped from the other side of street.       

According to a Jammat-e-Islami source, Jamshed got degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Punjab University and was also member of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) with his other brother Sajjad.

Later, the CPO and other high-ups negotiated with the protestors and ensured them a judicial inquiry would be held in the incident and departmental action would be taken against the responsible.

However, the heirs of deceased refused to disperse and bury the dead bodies saying “We will launch massive protest if we are not provided with justice till Saturday noon”.

They also demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Minister Punjab to take notice of the police atrocity and remove their apprehensions.

On the other hand, ASI Hassan Naheem was buried after funeral prayer here attended by police big wigs. It is pertinent to mention here that the Asad, the injured constable, attending the funeral prayer avoided talking to media men, which raised many eyebrows.  No case was registered till the filing of the report.