ISLAMABAD – The Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) in particular and the medical fraternity in general have welcomed the new ordinance of the PMDC saying that it was necessary to carry out a free and fair election process without the involvement of anyone in the presence of a neutral administrator. According to the ordinance, upon commencement of the Medical and Dental Council (Amendment Act 2012), the incumbent Council constituted under section 3 shall stand dissolved and that the president and vice president of the council and executive committee as exists before the commencement of the aforesaid act shall remain intact. The president and the vice president shall act as members of the council, said a statement issued by the Council. It also says that the federal government shall appoint an administrator who shall be a medical or dental practitioner not below BPS 20 of the federal government and who shall be the head of the executive committee. Talking about the promulgation of the new ordinance, Administrator PM&DC Dr Raja Amjad said that he will take all the stakeholders in confidence and that holding of free and fair elections are his first priority. He added that he will not pay any ear to the ongoing propaganda in the shadow of conspiracies for manipulating the election process in PM&DC. He also added that the new ordinance, as opposed to the propaganda, has vested him with all the powers to keep continue with his work and make PM&DC one of the leading medical regulatory body.  He added that he is in contact with Pakistan medical association PMA and all other corners of the medical fraternity for open suggestions in improving the affairs of the council.