In a country infested with taboos against women’s freedom, where a lone teenage girl venturing out of the house evokes the wrath of her male family members, the formation of a Women Cricket Team that represents the country on international arena is asking for the moon. That Pakistan was able to form a women’s team that played in the World Cup in India, recently, is nothing less than a living miracle. The choice of selecting the team was confined to girls of a few colleges in Lahore and Karachi; the pool of 52 percent female population of Pakistan was out of reach of the selectors for obvious traditional taboos.

Further the team played the matches in most insecure environment, in India, that would unnerve even male players. Pakistan women cricket team matches were moved from original venue of the tournament, Mumbai to Cuttack after threats from Hindu extremists party Shiv Sena: the home crowd in Cuttack was also hostile. Also, they were pitted against teams from countries where women enjoy as much freedom as their male counterparts especially in sports. That our team played four matches and achieved a reasonable score is a performance that can be justly termed wonderful.


 Peshawar, February 11.