ISLAMABAD - A mega scam pertaining provision of low standard petrol has been unearthed under which oil mafia ostensibly, in connivance with management of PSO, provided substandard petrol to the oil giant during more than half a dozen years and caused hefty losses to masses by Rs160 million. “Oil mafia from last eight years was involved in the sale of substandard petrol to country in connivance with PSO, Adviser to Prime Minister Dr Asim Hussain said, adding, “However, with the start of March we will be seeing Pakistani cars running on international standard Euro-II grade petrol. He also said that all this was happened as eight years back officials at PSO had changed the standard criterion of petrol being imported to the country and thus given end to the oxygenate element necessary in the fuel also best for the vehicles run on petrol. Owing to this change in petrol standard, a favourite oil mafia was involved in import of petrol to the state-owned oil giant. He said the mafia involved in the business was blending petrol in Fujairah, one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. Asim Hussain, while talking to media, also said that mafia has its own ships and because of change in the standard of petrol, international suppliers were found unable to sale petrol to PSO. He said due to substandard import of petrol, innocent consumers had to bear $20million annually. However, now PSO had stopped import of substandard petrol to the country and consumers are getting a relief of Rs0.85/litre in the buying of petrol.Asim Hussain also told that government has decided to sale international standard of petrol with the start of March under which the element of sulphur in petrol would be decreased from 1 per cent to 0.5per cent, which in result would help the country to produce environment friendly petrol.“In first phase all refineries of the country at their own expense would produce Euro-II grade petrol without sharing burden on the consumers, Dr Asim said, adding, “while high speed diesel (HSD) would also be converted to Euro-II grade in second phase and to meet this objective all refineries would be facilitated.” He said it has also been decided to suspend the production of 125centi stroke (unit of kinematic viscosity) furnace oil as refineries has been advised to produce furnace oil of 180 or 380 centi stroke which in net result would reduce the price of furnace oil by $20 per ton and also bring reduction in the cost of per unit of electricity. He further made it clear that as a test case, PSO would provide 180 or 380 centi stroke furnace oil and if any power company would not accept furnace oil then it would have to directly import furnace oil from the international oil market.