There is no doubt that the situation in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, has assumed  alarming proportions. The deposed Provincial Assembly had an astonishing 64 out of 65 members as the treasury; all enjoying perks and privileges. Despite that none of the parties were able to find a solution to this madness.

After the brutal massacre of the Hazaras, the government of Balochistan remained unmoved. But their sit-in proved to be the last nail in the coffin. As the Hazara community’s despair grew, the federal government was forced to impose the Governor’s Rule in the province.

What is most surprising is that all major parties acted as silent observers when chaos and lawlessness prevailed, but they have now joined hands in demanding an end to the Governor’s rule, since they know that its imposition means an end to all their perks and privileges.

Not once had the PPP, PML-Q and JUI-F teamed up and spoken collectively about the issues confronting the province. Perhaps, none of them were genuinely concerned about it. But when it comes to safeguarding their personal aims, they join hands and in the blink of an eye, impeached the provincial Speaker, who was just trying to follow the Supreme Court orders.

The ministers have even taken to the streets after passing a resolution against the imposition of the Governor’s Rule in the ‘deposed’ Assembly. The question is: where were they when the people belonging to the Hazara and other minority communities were being killed mercilessly? They did not even take some time out of their busy schedules to condole with the ‘unfortunate’ families of the Hazara community, who stayed in the open in severe cold with the dead bodies of their loved ones in a soul-shaking demand for justice.

The constitution states that life is sacred and protection of every citizen is the fundamental duty of the governments. Having failed to do their duty, why are the ministers demanding an end to the Governor’s Rule. The police, too, has miserably failed to maintain law and order in the province.

A well-thought-out plan is being implemented to separate the province through sectarian violence and armed insurgency. It is not just about one specific tragic incident, but about the overall situation in the province, the parallel government being run by the Taliban, the staggering economy and rampant corruption that is steering Balochistan rapidly downwards into a pit.

Despite the fact that the army is controlling the province for the time being, the permanent solution to its woes lies in the hands of politicians, since they are the genuine representatives of the people. Only they have the key to long-term stability in the province and country. However, it is only through political will and collective effort of the political parties that can help to maintain peace in Balochistan

Democracy, indeed, is the solution to all our problems; time is running out and all efforts need to be made to get over the crisis. The political parties, therefore, will have to start thinking about the province and take appropriate measures before it is too late.

The writer is a freelance columnist.