Ask the young doctors led by the wayward (Young Doctors’ Association) why they are still up in arms and they would be at a loss for an answer. It is as if they have developed a taste for protests and hooliganism. The Lahore High Court was hence angry while expressing regret that the doctors have abandoned dying patients.

What could be more dreadful, if for some petty gain, they should leave patients to die and suffer from disease, even when all of their demands have been met by the Punjab government. It is shameful that the ongoing crisis is not because of some issue of wages or some other service structure related dispute – they have been resolved. Now the issue is some scuffle the doctors had with their senior colleagues, some months back. Disciplinary action was taken against the errant ones but where it was perfectly lawful it was enough to spark protests. Last week, it was further disconcerting to see these young rebels taking on themselves the role of a political group, when they tried to disrupt the inauguration of Metro Bus Service in Lahore reportedly acting at the behest of a political party. This farce is becoming painfully long; it cannot go on indefinitely. Under no circumstances, should they be allowed to bring the noble profession into disrepute or play with the lives of the patients.