ISLAMABAD - It will be tantamount with challenging the ground reality to claim that country is on the verge of food crisis, at a time when the wheat stocks in country, are available in surplus quantities. As far as flour price in the local markets is concerned, it is doubtless to say that the prices of commodities in a consumer market are determined on the basis of their demand and supply. Ahmed Bukhsh Lehri, Secretary, National Food Security & Research explained the wheat stock situation in the country while contradicting groundless rumours about an impending food crisis in the country.Availability of surplus wheat stocks in country coupled with the federal government’s decision of offloading one million tons of wheat in the domestic markets substantiates that wheat supply has not been interrupted by the federal government. Provincial food departments are fully empowered to take action against the wheat hoarders and black marketers to check the artificial price hike in the flour prices, emanating from the rapid price fluctuations due to these mal-practices so that supply of quality and economical flour to the citizenry would be made possible: In this regard federal government can neither interfere nor have any power to do so.Regarding the reduction in usage of fertilizer, it is very appropriate to say that it has always been the foremost priority of federal government to ensure an enhancement in the productivity of the cultivated land; an increase in the support price of wheat is linked with this concern of federal government. The increase in the wheat support price from Rs 1050/- to Rs 1200/- per 40 kg for wheat crop 2012-13 had an encouraging effect on wheat sowing and greatly lauded by the farmers.It is beyond exaggeration to state that a food crisis may emanate from the artificial price hike in flour prices as according to initial estimates wheat had been sown on 8.6 million hectares (almost 21.250 million acres): The area under cultivation this year is more than that of the previous year. Due to an increase in the area under cultivation, it is expected that wheat produce will also be more than that of the previous year. It will not only sustain wheat supply in the country but also help stabilisation of the wheat prices in the consumer market.