In Pakistan, we have no shortage of self-appointed moral police that take it upon themselves most righteously to harass and stalk people for their individual choices which carry little to no influence on our society. In recent instances, have a look at the clashes between the Pakhtun Student Federation and the Islami Jamiat Tulba on Valentine’s Day. The Islami Jamiat Tulba turned the Peshawar University campus into a temporary battle zone when it took offence to a few couples celebrating Valentine’s Day on campus. The Pakhtun Student Federation retaliated and chose to protect those students and their right to freedom of expression. What followed was gunfire and several wounded students subsequently.

Whether it is unsolicited advice from men on how a woman should ‘preserve’ herself by wearing A and not B or a group of goons who assume they are the only ones cognizant of moral values, we have no dearth of mostly-male, mostly-hotheaded individuals who would like to police society according to their own preferences. Instead of letting a normal day remain just that, we have turned it into a petty ideological conflict while endangering the lives of young men and women who simply want to live. Haya Day versus Valentine’s Day should make any sensible person cringe with embarrassment but it seems entirely lost on IJT.

It really is not that complicated to understand: Lifestyles vary from person to person. This should not rob anyone of their sleep, let alone encourage them to take up arms on campus in order to prove a point. It only speaks of how utterly empty a vessel a person or a group is when they cannot tolerate simple diversity in life. Let people live and spend one day in peace without having to think for the safety of their lives.