Pakistani High Commission in Malaysia is performing nothing and the officials appointed there are just a burden on the national exchequer. Pakistanis are stranded in the jails of Malaysia due to the biased and harsh policies of Malaysian government against Pakistani labourers and workforce but Pakistani High Commission does nothing to rescue them. Pakistanis are being caught by the Malaysian immigration department and the process of renewal of visa is very slow. People living in Malaysia are told that the Malaysian government, police and immigration department deliberately delays the renewal of visas to arrest the workers to make extra money from them.

Different foreign embassies and high commissions in Pakistan charges high visa fees from visa applicants but Malaysian government is plundering the visitors in Malaysia. I hereby request the Pakistani government, foreign office and Pakistani High Commission in Malaysia to please immediately look into this urgent matter and rescue the poor and helpless Pakistanis. Malaysian government should also expedite the renewal and legalization procedure to accommodate the workforce who are contributing to the economy and development of Malaysia.


Gujranwala, February 13.