One of the most celebrated Pakistani fashion designers, Nomi Ansari belongs to the inimitable band of creative who derive their sense of design, in large measure from rich traditions and cultural scape of their homeland. After completing his graduation from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design in 2001, Nomi is busy in designing classic outfits. He uses unusual fabrics, decorative embellishments, texturing and detailing in his designs as well as a fusion of styles and vibrant colour palette. His work speaks for himself and that is precisely the reason why he is regarded as one of the country's leading fashion designers. His signature style revolves around contemporary designs, unique motifs and innovative colour combinations to suit the Pakistani women. Nomi has a lot to share with his fans. In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus Nomi talked about his work, design philosophy, trends and much more. Here are excerpts of the interview:  

Q: Nomi Ansari is a house hold name in fashion industry and you have been working for a long time. How has your experience been?

My experience has been wonderful. I learned a lot. I made many friends and some enemies. Over all it is very interesting experience.

Q: Over the decade you must have witnessed the evolution in Pakistani fashion, can you tell us how your own style has evolved with the changes in the industry?

A designer has to reinvent his self every time. In the market being Pakistani we have certain rules regulation and boundaries on which we work. In this country Kameez Shalwar silhouette matters to our fans. Many times we keep traditional silhouette in mind and play with it in contemporary ways. So we keep changing our self according to colours, fabric and trends.

Q: How would do describe your design philosophy?

I work with very traditional silhouette. My design philosophy revolves around the women of Pakistan. How she works, sits, walks, and wears and also how her social life is. So I always keep in mind these things particularly our heritage and traditions.

Q: You are going to participate in FPW, tell us something about the collection you have made for it.

The collection for FPW is something which I have never done before. I always try to do something different. I don’t know either people will like it or not but I would say I am enjoying making this collection these days. I am working a lot with silhouette which is nicely accessories with texture, fabric, different stitches, layers and different embellishments.

Q: Tell us about your experience of showcasing your collection at Fashion Parade London?

It was a fantastic experience. It was the best show I have ever done in London. I did a couple of shows in London before with other organisers but they were pathetic and were badly organised. Fashion Parade changed the entire image of the London events which I had in my mind. It was very nicely arranged. The hype of the event was great due to good PR. Else social media played a very good role in making it stronger.

Q: When it comes to couture, what does it mean to you? What kind of clothes do you enjoy making?

Couture is something made according to client’s requirement. It’s an assignment on which you work in detail. It is more creative because you know you do not have to create that piece again. There is lot of creativity involved in couture. I also enjoy making collection for fashion weeks because they are more western.

Q: What are the trends you love and techniques you would like to incorporate in your clothes?

Leather is something I would enjoy to incorporate in my designs. I would love to work with it. In the beginning of my career, I worked with it once and would love to explore that market and its texture again.

Q: In your view, how much social media and PR companies are important in making the hype of designer or something?

Both plays an important role especially the social media because people are more attached with it.

What does Nomi Ansari signature represents?

Lot of colours, textures and silhouette

Q: How would you indentify your brand from other?

I don’t know. I have never compared my brand with anyone. May be others doing better than me. But I am happy and satisfied with what I am doing.

Q: What are the pre-requisites to be a successful designer in Pakistan?

One has to be original and innovative. It is important that one has his own design, style and inspiration.

Q: There is so much competition in the market, in this situation how one can manage to stay in business?

You should stay in touch with latest trends and also with fashion industry. Secondly, you have to come up with new ideas, techniques, colours and designs.

Q: You have clientele abroad also; how would you compare their sense of fashion with the local fashionista?

Every region has its own trends and likings for fashion. I never compare the trends of one particular country with the other because every country has its culture and traditions. I design clothes according to the requirement of the people.

Q: Describe your perfect client.

A perfect client would be someone who trust the designer, listen to him and try to explore and experiment new things.

Q: What is your best creation which has made you proud?

The credit card dress which I made in L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013. It was my best creation.

Q: You are acknowledged internationally. Do you think Pakistani fashion resonates well with the international trends?

I would say ‘No’ because that’s not our market. We can incorporate some of the elements in our clothes but overall international trends are much different than our silhouette.

Q: Name the people who are close to you in the industry and with whom you share your work and experience?

Veni is the person I always love to work. In photographers, I like Davess and Rizwan ul Haq.

Do you have any new collection in the pipeline that Nomi fans should be looking forward to?

Right now it’s FPW and the rest are surprise for fans.

Repaid Fire:

  • Favourite Fragrance: Armani Oud
  • One thing you hate about the fashion industry: The coordinator
  • You are addicted to … Tea
  • Your style icon is…  Lady Gaga
    • ·        The quality you like in a woman? How they walk and talk
    • One thing you can’t tolerate on ramp: Bad shoes
    • Any dream project: To be the part of Victoria’s secret team
    • Had you not been a designer, what would you be? A Graphic designer
    • One country where you wish to show your collection: Japan