Lately, I have been coming across people arguing over the fact that the Sindh Festival, with all its publicity and glamour won’t make any difference in the ongoing situation where extremism is all-time high and people are being shot right outside their homes for apparently being members of a peace committee. Some are even seen questioning the need for inviting celebrities from across the border as the practice has never been useful in boosting peace on this side of the border. One’s concerns regarding Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the commotion during their rule aside, one just can’t refuse to acknowledge a positive initiative taken by them, whether it generates immediate outcomes or not. It might in the long run and it is something better than doing nothing, after all, then why criticize it?

Worldwide, such festivals have proven as means to encourage peace and fraternity as opposed to unrest, apathy and gloom. For instance, on the fourth of May this year, once again, the ‘How Weird Street Faire’ in San Francisco is going to attract people from all parts of the globe in countless numbers. The idea is to inspire peace through music, art and festivity. The festival brings together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to foster connections, find similarities, accept differences and celebrate diversity and it is said to be yielding the desirable results for peace since the past 13 years.

The point being, celebrations and festivity do play a role in introducing optimism and toning down rebellious attitudes. Now, one is forced to think that this nation is hungry for peace yet they fail to appreciate something being done about it.


Islamabad, February 13.